Square footage must include finished and unfinished spaces, such as basements, garages, outdoor living areas, and external buildings to be photographed for the listing.
Prices as of October 2018

Up to 1500 sq ft $185

1500-1750 sq ft $210

1750-2000 sq ft $235

2000-2500 sq ft $265

2500-3000 sq ft $295

3000-3500 sq ft $325

3500-4000 sq ft $360

4000+ sq ft --  Discuss bid

Budget (non-HDR images) --  $160

Custom Virtual Tours --  $40

Reshoot - $50/2 photo minimum  when < 5 miles away

Special lighting needs -- Discuss price

Per-image pricing may be used to lessen charges in some cases. 

Pricing will be adjusted upwards for lots over 10,000 sq feet, oversized decks, parking fees, and exceptional travel. ($1.60/mile over when over 15 miles.)

What You Get

Real estate images are carefully captured with steadying devices, hand-held meters, and off-camera lighting (if required). The images are individually touched up in software and uniquely processed in order to yield the best result for each image. The goal will be to produce the most flattering, yet honest representation of the property.

        *  True HDR images are composed of up to 9 images.

        *  Skies are improved when a natural appearance is possible.

        *  Night shots are included if part of the original session.

We will discuss before the shoot the final package of images should feature, including what to spaces to capture, what elements to avoid, and what specific character details need emphasis.

Photo packages are based on what is delivered to the seller by Leap Photography (not by what is shot or what is used by the seller).

Images are delivered within 24 hours, usually in the evening of the shoot, and are posted online to download.

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